Who Can Benefit From Physical Therapy?

Idaho Spine and Sports Physical therapy isn’t just for people who have sustained a major injury. Physical Therapy is beneficial for anyone who has been injured, has a chronic illness or disease, needs rehabilitation or has difficulty with mobility. Physical therapists assist people with developmental disabilities, neurological conditions, and those with a prosthesis. Treatments can often provide an alternative to surgery and long-term use of prescription medications for pain. The number of conditions, disease and syndromes that can be alleviated with physical therapy are virtually endless.

PRP Injections and Physical Therapy

Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy works closely with physicians who provide Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell injections.  Our Physical Therapists are highly specialized with therapy care after injections have been received in the shoulder, knee, or other area.

If you are unsure if PRP injections are the right option for you, schedule a non-committal consultation to determine if it's a viable option.

If You Broke Your Resolutions, Don’t Stress – What To Do Instead

It’s that time of year again. Everyone is talking about New Year resolutions. The internet is covered with posts on New Year goals, and friends and family are asking everyone about what they want to stick to for 2018. Each year you promise yourself that you will do this, and you won’t do that.

Back Pain Relief

We realize that some people are skeptical and unsure about what can be done to ease their back pain and have questions about back therapy....

You may be unsure if Physical Therapy can help you with your back pain, maybe you had a bad experience at another clinic in the past and you don't want to make that same mistake again, or maybe you simply want to get a second opinion.

If any of the above scenarios pertain to you, then scheduling a discovery visit is the perfect opportunity for YOU! 208-939-0533

5 Ways To Eat Healthier At Any Restaurant

Christmas and New Year’s Eve now seem far behind us. The Turkey’s been eaten, the prosecco has run dry, the last few Celebrations have been demolished and we’re we well into tackling the next festive ritual – a New Year health kick.

Shoulder Exercises to Try at Home

Got shoulder pain? Tim goes over some great stretches you can do from home for your shoulder therapy. Please consult with us first if you are looking to do rotator cuff exercises after a shoulder surgery. 

5 Ways To Have A Healthy And Happy Winter

It’s almost Winter in Idaho, and you might really hate it!

How to improve your posture

Tim, one of our PTAs at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy in Boise, demonstrates how to integrate principles of good body mechanics into your everyday activities to lower your risk of preventable injury.

Stiff joints and knee pain

Are your joints starting to feel stiff lately? Do they ache more than usual? Have you noticed any clicks and cracks coming from your knees? Or have you considered physical therapy for arthritis?


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