How To Wake Up Earlier, Get More Done, And Stop Hitting Snooze

Summer officially began last Wednesday, and with that comes brighter evenings, and brighter mornings…So you’d think waking up earlier would feel easier, right?

It’s no longer dark when your alarm clock goes off so it doesn’t feel like you should still be asleep…It’s no longer unbearably cold making it a battle to throw the duvet off and get up…So getting out of bed on a morning, should feel easier… But not exactly.


Physical Therapy for Joint Replacement

The decision to have a joint replacement is a big step involving major surgery and significant rehabilitation times. Patients will need to work closely with their surgeon and physical therapist for a return to full functionality and the new lease on life that a joint replacement can provide.

Diabetes Management 101

Watch Kevin, one of our amazing Therapy Trainers from Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy in Boise, talk about how to help manage your Diabetes!

For more information on physical therapy and its benefits, call us at 208-939-0533(Boise) or 208-286-2707(Meridian)

Physical Therapy for Patients with Lupus

Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease marked by inflammation in which the immune system attacks healthy tissue, along with bacteria and viruses. It affects all parts of the body, including skin, joints and organs. People with lupus go through cycles of remission and flare-ups in which symptoms worsen.


This report is for the person suffering from the misery of shoulder pain! Are you having trouble getting to sleep or are you waking up with pain and grabbing pills to manage the pain? Are you even considering invasive surgery? Check out our FREE report that will assist you in alleviating your shoulder pain the simple and natural way!



If you spend a lot of time at a computer, you most likely feel a lot of tension in your wrist. Watch Zac demonstrate ways to help alleviate the tension...

If you (or a loved one) have any issues such as pain, numbness, tingling, stiffness, etc. give us a call to schedule a FREE discovery visit. We would love to see what we can do to help! 208-939-0533 (Boise) 208-286-2707 (Meridian)


Are you suffering from back pain and need relief NOW? Want some help? Claim our currently FREE special tips report and follow the advice inside to start making progress right away…


Zac goes over some FAQS we receive from our patients and prospective patients. If you want to learn more, call us today. We would love to learn more about you! Call 208-939-0533(boise) 208-286-2707(Meridian)

Attention Runners!

Now that summer is approaching and the sun is coming out, alot of people are getting back into running! If you are one of those people, one of the best strategies for staying pain and injury- free is a combination of stretching the IT bands and foam rolling all the major muscles in your legs. Watch Zac demonstrate how to stretch the IT band!


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