Got Tight Hip Flexors? Watch This!

Sitting at a desk all day can cause a lot of tightness in your hip flexors. Kelli, one of our PTAs at ISSPT, demonstrates a few great stretches to help relieve the tightness! Watch it here:

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Conquer Headaches and Migraines the Natural Way!

Why You Don’t Need Painkillers To Ease Headaches And Migraines: How To Conquer Them The Natural Way

Have you ever had a headache so bad it’s made you want to hide and crawl under a dark blanket? Headaches and migraines can be annoying. They often feel like they come from nowhere and can ruin your day. But did you know this?... Headaches and migraines can actually come on because of shoulder and/or neck pain? Usually because those muscles are tense most of the time!

Hamstring Stretch Demo

Here at Idaho Spine & Sports Physical Therapy, we see alot of patients with back pain. When we see these patients, alot of times they have really tight hamstrings. Kristen and Kerby, at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy in Boise, demonstrate a hamstring stretch to help relieve tightness. If you are suffering with any type of pain, stiffness, or tightness, give us a call...WE CAN HELP!

How To Make Sure Back Pain (And Your GP) Don’t Rob You Of Your Retirement Dream…

I received the most incredible email and photos this week from a patient of ours who only a year ago had been told her retirement plans, after working so hard for them, may in fact never become a reality.

Let Physical Therapy Reduce Your Fibromyalgia Related Pain

Those who are diagnosed with fibromyalgia are happy to finally know what’s wrong, but they’re often depressed when they contemplate living with the condition. There’s no cure for fibromyalgia, but physical therapy is effective in alleviating the symptoms and improving quality of life.

Secrets To Waking Up Early

Secrets To Waking Up Early (Even If You Hate Mornings!)

Believe it or not – most people spend too much time in bed. And even more people make the mistake of thinking that more time in bed = more energy and feeling ready for the day.


How well you keep our balance now, in midlife, can protect you from what lies ahead. One in three adults, over the age of 65, take a serious fall each year. Avoiding falls, means a longer life! One of the best ways to prevent a fall is to work on your balance. Watch these tips from one of our Physical Therapists at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy in Boise, Dr. Devyn Dodge, with some helpful balancing activities.

Why Your Ankle Pain Keeps Coming Back And How To Ease It

The Achilles tendon sits at the back of your heel and is also the thickest tendon in your body. A lot of the time if someone asks about ankle pain, it tends to be related to this tendon. In fact this is a common question we get asked by patients visiting our clinic for the first time. "Why does my achilles’ pain keep coming back?" In fact a few weeks ago I had a new patient with that very same question.


The simple act of getting in and out of bed can cause major stress on your neck and back! Kristen, one of our DPTs at Idaho Spine and Sports Physical Therapy Boise, has some tips for you! If you are suffering from back or neck pain, register for one of our upcoming FREE workshops. Visit for information


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