Idaho Lymphema Therapy offers lymphedema treatment and therapy at our Boise location of 13895 W. Wainwright Dr. Our occupational therapist, Sara Poppleton, is certified in complete decongestive therapy of lymphedema treatment and management and educates patients on how to manage treatment on their own.  She is currently treating all forms of lymphdema throughout the entire body, with an emphasis in breast cancer rehabilitation.

Sara Poppelton, OTR/L, CLT


What is Lymphedema?
Lymphedema is a collection of fluid that can cause swelling (edema) mainly in the arms, legs and trunk, but can develop anywhere in the body.

Causes of Lymphedema
- Cancer, cancer surgery, or radiation treatment
- Cardiac bypass surgery with vein graft harvesting
- Venous insufficiency
- Deep vein thrombosis
- Obesity 
- Congenital malformation


Treatment / Management

Currently, there is no cure for lymphedema. However, with treatment it can be managed.

Components of Treatment
- Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), through massage techniques
- Compression Bandages
- Skin Care
- Exercise
- Compression Garment Fitting

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